how to make a metal domes

how to make a metal domes

  • Ruxian was founded by the engineer who have worked in custom stamping industrial for 20 years already, it utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to produce precision metal stamping ex pertise include photo etching, blanking, secondary forming, and progressive die tooling.

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Ruxian Technology Group As the best metal dome and Membrane Switches manufacturer in China, we provide high quality metal dome and Membrane Switches products, we provide 24 hours OEM metal dome product inquiry. Guangdong Ruxian Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturers specialize in metal domes, metal domes array, custom membrane switches. Our company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Custom Membrane Switches, Custom metal domes and metal domes arrays Manufacturing in china form Guangdong Ruxian Technology Group Co., Ltd. 12 years of experience in metal domes and membrane switches industry.China Membrane Switch Fab & Graphic Overlay, Online Instant Quote, UL & ISO Certified. Worldwide Free Shipping. One-on-one Assistance. Quote Online In Seconds.We have advanced equipment and a professional team to customize and batch process high-quality metaldomesand membrane switch products for customers. Our metaldomesand membrane switches products are widely used in various tact switches, including mobile phones, digital ca...

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Our Metal dome products have round domes, cross domes, triangular domes, rectangular domes, custom shape domes; the size of metal dome products is from 3 mm to 20 mm in diameter for customers to choose.

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