What is metal domes

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So what is a metal dome? Metal domes (metal snap domes, or tactile metal domes), made of stainless steel, are momentary switch contacts that, when used in conjunction with a PCB, flex circuit, or membrane, become normally-open tactile switches.

Ruxian Metal domes made of stainless steel, According to different shape, we divided them into: round Metal domes, Four-leg Metal domes, Triangle Metal domes, Oblong Metal domes, Custom Metal domes. 

We can provide metal domes with a variety of coatings to meet customer needs, including silver-plated metal domes and gold-plated metal domes.

What are metal domes used for?

Metal dome is used in a variety of industries and products, some common applications of metal dome include:

1. Metal domes is widely used in keyboards, including computer keyboards and handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

2. Metal domes is used in remote controls for various electronic devices, such as remote controls for TVs, audio systems, and game consoles.

3. Metal domes is used for industrial control panels and keyboards of medical equipment.

4. Metal domes are used in automotive applications such as steering wheel controls, dashboard buttons or infotainment system interfaces.

5. Metal domes is widely used in various consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, tablet computers, digital cameras and portable gaming devices.

6. Metal domes is used in electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines and home automation systems.

7. Industrial equipment: metal domes is used in various industrial equipment and mechanical control panels.

8. Metal domes is used in medical equipment.

What are the advantages of using metal domes

There are several advantages to using metal domes in electronic devices and input systems. Here are some key advantages:

1. The metal domes provides a satisfying tactile feel when pressed, providing the user with a distinct and definite response, improving the user experience and enhancing the perceived quality of the device.

2. Metal domes has excellent wear resistance, impact resistance and resistance to environmental factors, suitable for long-term use.

3. The metal domes has a consistent quick action to ensure reliable switch operation.

4. The metal domes is small in size and takes up very little space, which is suitable for compact electronic equipment and applications with limited space.

5. Metal domes can be easily integrated into various designs and assembly processes.

6. Metal domes has good resistance to temperature changes and humidity.

7. Metal domes can be customized to meet specific design requirements. Manufacturers offer a variety of options in size, shape, actuation force and travel distance to meet different design preferences and application needs.

metal dome product categories

Metal dome products are typically used in electronic devices such as keyboards, remote controls, and other types of handheld devices. 

There are several categories of metal dome products, including:

Round Metal Dome

Round Metal Dome is usually used for smaller electronic devices, Round Metal Dome is very good in feel and quality .

Oblong Metal Dome

Oblong Metal Dome is suitable for any product that uses a Round metal dome. The shape of the Oblong Metal Dome is to cut off two sides from the Round Metal Dome. When the design area is too small to place the circle, Can be replaced with an Oblong Metal Dome.

4-Legged Metal Dome

when designer reserve sufficient space & request bigger stroke travel , C-series metal dome will be prior to select to use , it’s often used in the handheld device,medical device and large banking equipment . 

Triangle Metal Dome

Under the conditions of small designed space,requested good feels & must meet bigger pressing force ,Triangle shape will be the best option , also it’s divided into w/feet or w/o feet , and it’s decide by PCB thickness & assembly method . 

Metal dome Customized

Metal dome(snap dome) can be divided into round Metal dome, 4legged Metal dome, triangle Metal dome, Oblong Metal dome and other special-shaped Metal dome. 

Single-layer metal dome

This consists of a single layer of metal dome that is used to actuate a switch or button.

Double-layer metal dome

This consists of two layers of metal domes stacked on top of each other, providing greater tactile feedback and improved longevity.

Metal dome arrays

This comprises of multiple metal domes arranged in a pattern on a substrate, providing a cost-effective solution for larger switch arrays.

Membrane switch with metal dome

This combines a thin, flexible membrane switch with a metal dome for enhanced tactile feedback.

Metal dome switch with backlighting

This is a metal dome switch with a light source placed behind it, allowing for clearer visibility in low-light conditions.

Customized metal dome products

These are metal dome products that are customized to meet specific customer requirements, such as unique shapes, sizes, and metallurgy.

If you need to customize the size of METAL DOME and customize the specifications of METAL DOME, please feel free to contact us Ruxian Technology. Customized metal dome products: These are metal dome products that are customized to meet specific customer requirements, such as unique shapes, sizes, and metallurgy.